How Pizzas Helps You To Be Healthy ?

Many people associate this food with fat and high carbs, and if they are on a diet they will not eat such a food. Thus it has never had an image for being a good food for our health. Many identify it as easy food, or just something ready to eat at night when they are having a very busy day.

But what many of people don't know is that pizza really can be good for you. This is Now You Know and in today in this video we will tell you how pizzas can help you to be healthy.

Pizza Sauce Boosts Immunity

The pizza sauce provides you with a load of Vitamin C. And the human body need this nutrient to fight against all virus and germs which might cause diseases like common cold. If the sauce includes oregano it surely will boost the immunity in more efficent way. One of the major ingredient in oregano is carvacrol that promotes a healthy liver and maintain your blood sugar level

Pizza Contains Nutritious Ingredients

When you choose the right ingredients for your pizza you will get a lot of health benefits. When you ask for extra cheese or meat then it won't be as nutritious as your pizza. Eating a thin crust tends to reduce the amount of carbs that you could obtain from this meal. Eating less crust also allows you to consume healthier ingredients, because then you won't be full on carbs.

Pizza Boosts Your Brain

Spinach is filled with folate and it is often used as an ingredient on the pizza topping. The folate vitamin thus helps promote circulation of the blood within your brain. Eating one daily spinach serving may slow cognitive decline in the elderly, Spinach is enriched with vitamin K. And this might also impact your levels of serotonin, which directly affects your positive emotions.

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