Piya Albela actress Sheena Das terrified of fire sequence on show!

Zainab Mulla
Well, we can only say that all's well that ends well. We hope Sheena has recovered from a harrowing experience of shooting in a fire as well!

A fire broke out on the sets of Zee TV’s romantic show Piya Albela recently. The lead actress of the show, Sheena Das, was terrified after the fire and in shock, as she had never been so close to a fire. According to the upcoming track in the show, Sheena’s on-screen character Pooja will try her level best to save Naren from the farmhouse, which will be set on fire by his cousin Rahul. While saving Naren from the mishap, Pooja will be injured with a few burns. The makers of Piya Albela shot the fire sequence on a massive scale with flames running high and bare.

Sheena was a bit scared to perform such a stunt, but decided to overcome her fear and give it a shot. She completed the entire scene at one go and shared her experience of shooting. She said, “I have never experienced fire in my real life. Shooting with fire all around was a little scary as I had to walk around a farmhouse that was on fire and on top of that, get the expressions right. I am to be seen saving Naren, so I cannot display a panicky face or look very unsure. There was a moment when I was almost baffled seeing the flames but as an actor, I needed to look composed and in control to make the scene look believable. It was a totally new experience. Adequate safety measures were taken by the production house. A doctor was present on the sets in case of any injury or burns. I think successfully carrying out such a risky stunt is an art in itself and the effort of actors and the crew ensured that the shoot was completed successfully.” Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka actress Pankhuri Awasthy gets electric shock on the sets, suffers minor burns!

Sheena Das has now become a household name and has a big fan following. A few days back, another unfortunate incident had happened with her, when she met with a car accident. The telly actress was on her way back home along with her makeup artists, when the brakes of her car failed and the vehicle was about to crash. But somehow Sheena managed to avoid the collision and brought the car to a halt. Dhhai Kilo Prem actress Nandini Gupta meet with a car accident!

Sheena talked about her car accident to The Times of India, saying, “I was driving back home with my makeup artists and suddenly I realized that my car’s brakes are not working. I kind of panicked at first but then later controlled the car and brought it to a halt. We barely escaped the crash.” Well, we can only say that all’s well that ends well. We hope Sheena has recovered from a harrowing experience of shooting in a fire as well!