Pixel or iPhone X? Anand Mahindra's Post Has Twitter Confused About Best Phone Camera


Business tycoon Anand Mahindra is well known for speaking his mind on Twitter and his tweet on phone cameras has sparked a debate on which smartphone has the best camera features.

In a tweet, Mahindra shared a beautiful picture of the Manhattan cityscape at night and claimed that his Google Pixel captured better photos than iPhone X, which has a reputation of having one of the best cameras in the market at present. He, however, also mentioned that Samsung camera might even be better than his Pixel.

He wrote, "Manhattan moonscape. Have to admit, my pixel takes much sharper pics than my iPhone X. And I'm told the Samsung is even better?"

Samsung jumped at the opportunity and tweeted in response about Galaxy Note 10, which specialises in night shots and boasts of a fantastic camera in general.

Now, of course, Samsung loyalists claimed that their phone cameras were better than that of Pixel or iPhone and the same went for the other two brands. But from an unbiased perspective, which camera topped the list? Like us, netizens were thoroughly confused.

This is what they have to say:

Mahindra further teased Twitterati with a new post on Wednesday, suggesting that he was "still experimenting" with his Pixel and iPhone's cameras and without naming which smartphone clicked which picture, the business tycoon made the netizens don their detective hats.

What do you think? Which phone camera are you rooting for?