The Pioneers of All-Black Fashion, Blvck Paris Launches New, Lifestyle Products in Digital Space

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The color black dominated the fashion industry with this mysterious, yet luxurious ambience. People lauded the color since its significance and power to create a superior lifestyle option. Today black has become the choice of preference as the demand for clothing and lifestyle lines focused on the color black. One of the companies that took the 'all-black everything' to the next level by challenging the norms of mainstream fashion is Blvck Paris. Blvck Paris, a renowned brand, has contributed greatly in bringing the black color into its comfortable and luxurious clothing and accessories line.

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Established in 2017, Blvck Paris was founded by a French designer, Julian O’hayon who is famously associated with his 'All Black' clothing, accessories, and leather goods for men and women. Blvck Paris has launched a new range of fashion infused with luxury that focuses on quality and design. This new style has certainly proven to be better than the anachronistic designs, bringing Black fashion into the mainstream market.

While creating a brand value, Blvck Paris has made sure that their customers receive the maximum benefits out of the services and products that they are paying for. Creating a thriving network of customer relationships has always been their top priority. Along with producing exquisite clothing lines, they have also channelized their creativity in introducing free wallpapers, which have been downloaded over 10M times. Also, their team curated a special Spotify playlist featuring mellow vibes, melancholic moods to complement their customer’s lifestyles. Blvck has also turned their customer’s iPhone black block by developing their first iOS app, Blvckmoji (available for free on the App Store and Google Play. In January 2020, Blvck Paris launched the Blvck filter available on their Instagram page. The filter uses augmented reality to ‘blvck out’ the world around you and enables you to take your Instagram stories to the next level. The filter has had a considerable reach with over 125M impressions to date. Following the strong demand, the team decided to launch their own presets on Lightroom, available to purchase from their website.

In July 2020, Blvck Paris inaugurated their first pop-up store in Taipei, Taiwan. The brand went international and took on its first-ever physical location in the prestigious department store Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Xinyi Place A9.The shop was built with the Blvck lifestyle aesthetic featuring black ice creams, a basketball hoop, a coffee corner, a unique limited edition 1meter tall Blvck Teddy’s bear, alongside the brand’s popular lifestyle accessories throughout the room. After the success of the first store, the brand took on its second physical location in the prestigious department store in Taipei. The aesthetics of the shop are true to the concept of Blvck Paris: clean minimal interiors and a space to host the Blvck Food corner. Following the success, Blvck Paris opened their second pop-up store in October 2020 in Taipei and the team has exciting plans in 2021 to bring the retail experience in other parts of the world.