The Pioneer Of A Path-Breaking Journey: Blogger Shraddha Singh

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As it is said, stereotypes do exist, but we have to walk through them. Shraddha Singh is a lady of exceptional vigor and passion, constantly marking a dent in societal myths and stereotypes through her work. A fashion blogger, sharing tips and tricks on motherhood she promotes sustainable living through her social media channels. Coming from a background in Software Engineering, Shraddha Singh has not only taken a strong, bold move of entering into the social influencer world but also has engaged herself in delivering insightful content to her followers. Endless dedication and hard work have paved the way for ultimate success and acquirements for her.

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Shraddha‘s list of achievements and making it to the big world of fashion is never-ending. She has been featured by top international fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and collaborations with major luxury brands like Balmain, Bulgari, and Bentley. Before the pandemic when digital fashion shows were not a thing, Shraddha Singh graciously attended her favorite shows like Lanvin, Dior, Viktor, Rolf in London and Paris, that too sitting in the front row. Her mesmerizing personality made her the face of Code 8 beauty campaign which was seen all around London. What makes her an intensely responsible influencer is that her content is backed up by research and science-based practices, and even qualms with the most abhorrent traditional practices of parenting. This is quite new and unique to both the fashion and social media industry when taken collectively. Shraddha Singh’s work is not only commendable in its very origin but also includes the emotion and will of doing something which is expressly valiant. Imagine going through pregnancy, raising a newborn child, and sharing it all with the world during the tough pandemic times. From the happy, mushy moments to the hard, complex times of difficulties, she has shared an entire motherhood journey.

Shraddha Singh, through her Instagram handle, continues to inspire new-age moms. Her followers describe her approaches as quite comprehensible and easy to follow. For instance, in one of her videos, she shows techniques to soothe a crying baby, which has reached ten million people. Being loyal to her followers, Singh strictly rejects pseudoscience practices and openly advises her followers to consult a doctor whenever in doubt. As an aware and responsible influencer, being honest is something she exclusively believes in.

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Shraddha Singh is also actively involved in environmental issues and in making the fashion industry more sustainable. She’s the global survey ambassador for UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 9 and 12 and a member of Plastic Pollution Coalition alongside personalities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeff Bridges, and Jeff Franklin. Also having worked with UNICEF, she vouches for diversity and inclusivity. Owing to her engineering background, she continues to inspire girls to code. She has also proved that Instagram is not just about flexing one’s good times and overwhelmingly expensive fashion, but also a safe place to learn and grow together. A bold, humble, passionate, and benignant individual, Shraddha Singh is a shining light of inspiration and ingenuity.

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