Pink Moon 2017: Best time and places to watch the phenomenon; how it got its name

Nupur Jha
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Pink moon or April's full moon will decorate the skies on April 11, 2017. The best time for this lunar event to be enjoyed by sky-gazers is in the middle of the night.

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On Tuesday, April 11, the moon will be present on the exact opposite side of the Earth to the Sun, marking the full phase of the Pink moon.

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Skywatchers on the US West Coast can feast their eyes a bit earlier at 11:08 pm PDT on Monday, April 10.

Spectators from LA can observe the lunar phase at its fullest on Monday, April 10.

The Pink moon will appear to be full from April 10 to 12; those who want to enjoy this view can check moonrise and moonset timings at their locations on

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The moon is not exactly pink, the name comes from the beautiful wild ground phlox flower or moss pink herb, which blooms in Canada and US, around this time every year, a report revealed.

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Apart from it being known as the pink moon, it has some other names like:

"Full Sprouting Grass Moon" as this time also marks the growth of new grass.

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"Full Fish Moon" is what some coastal tribes call this moon.

"Egg Moon" is another name people use to refer to this lunar event, if it falls before Easter.

April's Full Pink Moon

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