Pilgrims Get Onto Conveyor Belt at Peshawar International Airport in Pakistan to Enter Arrival Area, Video Goes Viral

Team Latestly

A video of a group of men entering the Peshawar International Airport in Pakistan through the conveyor belt has gone viral on social media. The clip shows some Hajj pilgrims entering the arrival gate of Peshawar Airport through the area restricted for passengers. The group were reportedly returning from Hajj, an annual Islamic pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, undertaken by Muslim, when the incident happened. It is being said that they entered the area through the belt meant to transfer luggage, to reach their baggage which contained Zamzam water (holy water) at the earliest. The video was shared by some people on social media platforms. Towards the end, the video shows them quickly collecting their Zamzam cans from the other end of the conveyor belt. Two-Year-Old Jumps on Luggage Conveyor Belt at Atlanta Airport, Ends With Fractured Hand (Watch CCTV Video)

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The water is derived from Zamzam Well located within the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, believed to be the holiest place in Islam. As per Islamic beliefs, the place, which is a desert, miraculously produced water thousands of years ago. According to The Quran, God heard the cries of a mother for her son who was thirsty and started a water body there. Pilgrims visiting Hajj go to the well and drink its water as it is considered auspicious. Delhi: Three-Year-Old Jumps on Baggage Conveyor Belt at IGI Airport, Gets Rescued at Second Level of Screening.

Here is the Video:

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While there have been multiple incidents of people making way through conveyor belt at airports, this seems to be the first time, so many men breached security and entered the airport area. The footage also shows security personnel and airport staff trying to stop the men, but in vain. One of them even tries to defend their actions and manages to get through. In July, video of a woman getting on the conveyor belt  New Istanbul Airport in Turkey had gone viral on social media platforms.