PIL seeks ban on slaughter of ‘old bulls, buffaloes’

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PIL seeks ban on slaughter of ‘old bulls, buffaloes’
PIL seeks ban on slaughter of ‘old bulls, buffaloes’

In the video, the labourers are heard saying that it was buffalo meat, but the youths continue attacking them. (Representational Image)

A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed on Friday in Delhi High Court seeking to impose a “total prohibition” on slaughter of old bulls and buffaloes on the grounds that the “cattle breeds are never useless”.

The PIL, filed by Madhya Pradesh resident Brishbhan Verma — who claims to be a social worker — submitted that the “prohibition on slaughter of cows must be extended to bulls and buffaloes only because such cattle, even after becoming useless as animals, assist in agriculture work or breeding”.

The petition claimed that these animals “continue to provide dung and urine that can either be used by farmers as manure and fertilizer, or can be sold by the owners...”

The plea states that an interpretation of Article 48 of the Constitution, which states that the prohibition on killing/slaughtering of any animal and their progeny, excludes the male counterpart and “violates Fundamental Rights of the petitioner under Article 21 of Constitution...”

“If there is prohibition on slaughter of any person, then male and female both are prohibited. [If] There is prohibition on the peacock, then peahen will also be prohibited. But the order is clearly about slaughter of old, useless bulls, bullocks and old buffaloes,” the PIL stated.

The plea cites numbers to add that bovine breeds are vanishing. “It is pertinent to mention that the cow and its original species are on the verge of banishment as it can be devised that cow breeds from 1947 to 1991 turned from 70 crore to few lakh, maximum one crore.”

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