Pigeon Poops on Politician Talking About Menace of Pigeon Poop


Illinois 40th district state representative, Jaime Andrade, was caught in a rather bizarre and unprecedented situation while doing a live interview.

In an interview with a CBS 2 reporter, Andrade was discussing a rather gross, but perhaps important issue that has been plaguing commuters in Chicago’s Irving Park CTA stop, aka the “pigeon poop station.”

While he was talking to the reporter in perhaps not the most favourable tone bout the plight of commuters who must cross the pigeon-infiltrated station on a daily basis and dodge an insane amount of pigeon excreta, it seemed as if the pigeons could comprehend what he was saying, and a particular pigeon took one for the team. It's target? The politician's head.

After some initial awkwardness when was trying to figure out if the irony had indeed happened, “Oh, did I just get..? No, I didn’t. I did, didn’t I?,” Andrade, took it humourously and said, “That’s what happens to my constituents. They get sh** on all the time.”


Not to be crass but #IL lawmaker talking to me about feces, feathers & filth fell victim to culprit during our #MorningInsiders interview. Ew! @cbschicago caught it all on camera. At 6AM, hear more about Rep's years-long quest to fix bird issue at @cta #irvingpark stop pic.twitter.com/CntCAEGH19

— LAUREN VICTORY (@LaurenVictory) September 16, 2019

He later posted on Facebook from his official page:

“Good Morning All make sure to see the interview Monday Morning with Lauren Victory on CBS Chicago news on Monday Morning regarding the effort to clean up the Irving Park blue line station of the Chicago Transit Authority.”

In the video, while the camera does not zoom into the spot where the bird had done its deed but we can probably assume that maybe it had tread lightly on its enemy’s territory, his head though it might be.

Maybe it was a warning to establish their discomfort with the idea of cleaning up the place and take away their home of years but it could also mean that gradual steps are welcome.

One thing is sure- no matter how much soap they use in the cleaning effort, nothing good will come out of pissing the pigeons off for if they decide to relieve themselves on the workers as revenge, no one would be able to pose as a formidable opponent to them!

The video zoomed in on the pavements covered with pigeon poop and feathers while beady, probing eyes followed them curiously. Andrade has said he is looking into the funding to stop the problem. One of his ideas is to install hose lines for power washing, according to CBS.