Piers Morgan claims he turned down 'vast sums' to appear on 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Ben Arnold
Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid (Credit: ITV)

You won’t be catching Piers Morgan under the mirrorball any time soon.

In fact, the Good Morning Britain host claims that he has turned down ‘vast sums’ of money to appear on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Speaking on the show, the 53-year-old presenter told viewers: “Dancing is not for me.

“They’ve offered me vast sums of money to go and humiliate myself on national TV.

“But I prefer to do it with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in the privacy of my own home.”

Now there’s an image.

Speaking about the current contestants on the show, the former showbiz journalist boasted: “I don’t really know who half of them are. I don’t watch Strictly. Susanna and Charlotte love it because they were on it.”

Indeed, Morgan’s co-presenters Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins have both appeared on Strictly in previous series.

Reid, who danced with Kevin Clifton, was the runner up in the eleventh series in 2013, while Hawkins was eliminated in the fourth week of last year’s show, having been partnered with Brendan Cole.

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