Picture of a loving husband standing in flight so his wife ‘could sleep’ sparks debate online

While most lauded the husband, they were quite miffed at the wife. (Source: courtneylj_/ Twitter)

There are many ways how one can express their love to their partners. While some opt for small gestures, others go above and beyond. Recently, a photo of a loving husband has gone viral for his unusual act of kindness. At the same time, it has also triggered a serious debate online.

In the photo, which got everyone talking online, an elderly man is seen standing on the aisle of an airplane while his wife is seen sprawled across three seats, asleep. A fellow passenger who witnessed the selfless act towards his partner, took to Twitter to share the image, saying: "This guy stood up the whole six hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love."

The image quickly garnered a lot of attention. While some netizens lauded the man for his dedication towards his wife’s well being , others slammed the wife for being "selfish".

Some questioned how she could allow her husband to stand for so long and suggested she should have rested her head on his lap. I can’t let my man stand for even 10 minutes. I’d definitely be sleeping on his laps which would even be more comfortable. Or rest properly on the chair. Why would you let your man stand for 6 hours? remarked one user.

One user drew parallel to Jack and Rose’s situation in Titanic, and commented: "Erm no, love is him willing to do it and her not letting him do it." However, there were others who defended the woman and argued she must have been sick.