Picture of House With Locked Gate But No Fence Goes Viral; Inspires Hilarious Memes on Twitter

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Picture of House With Locked Gate But No Fence Goes Viral; Inspires Hilarious Memes on Twitter

From Virat Kohli to the AAP government, everyone has been trolled with this meme!

Apart from being a powerful tool of information and communication, the internet is also an ocean of entertainment. While some use the internet to share audios and videos of their talent, others use it to watch the content of their liking. One of the most entertaining part of the internet is the social media, i.e. platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, among others. On these, people not just come across news and new talents, but also a whole lot of bizarre or whacky bits of information. Sometimes these are full-fledged weird stories and sometimes just a random picture that has surfaced online. And then, these end up going viral and inspiring numerous memes. A similar thing happened recently with the picture of a house located in an open surrounding. The house has a locked gate, but the funny part is that it has no fence, and the netizens have been quick to turn this into a viral meme.

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The picture in question has locked gates but no boundary walls to support it, and this caught the attention of the Twitterati. The picture looks like it has been taken in an Indian village. A hut-shaped structure can be seen in the background and has a locked gate in the front for ‘security purposes’. Oddly enough, the house has no other protection apart from the locked gate and is directly accessible from the sides. The absence of fencing means a security breach is easily possible. The Twitter users were quick to come up with memes on this viral photograph, and needless to say, they are hilarious.

Check out some of the hilarious memes:

Dividing the content streams:


A dig on Gujarat liquor ban:

Virat Kohli finds a mention:

AAP style:

The memes also touched upon terrorism:

And Nepotism:

Rohit Sharma too is not spared:


Almost anything can become a meme, and the last year saw several such instances. Among the most popular memes last year was from Kangana Ranaut’s Aap Ki Adalat interview. Another popular meme series was based on the Trivago India head Abhinav Kumar for his annoying albeit entertaining advertisement and catchphrase, “Kya Aapne Kabhi Online Hotel Search Kiya Hai?”. Other popular memes were on Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s split, Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala dress and Donald Trump’s Covfefe tweet. Best Memes of 2017: Most Hilarious Memes Shared on Twitter and WhatsApp