In Pics: Microsoft India’s New Office Is One Of The Most Beautiful Workplaces To Ever Exist

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Microsoft India launched its new engineering hub in Noida on Thursday, this Microsoft office is called India Development Centre (IDC) and this is the third center to be established in India.

The first two Microsoft India Development Centres are in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

IDC aims at inspiring people by being a source of innovation, therefore the new office space reflects the perfect blend of technology and architecture.

Microsoft is endeavoring to create a global impact by undertaking and optimizing the untapped potential of India’s engineering talent for creating technological solutions.

Architectural Excellence

When we usually think of contemporary architecture or a modern workplace we think of the western designs and style but what’s special about Microsoft India’s new office is that it is a tribute to India’s cultural arts and crafts heritage. The entire workspace is inspired and designed by Indian arts and artisans.

The office has been created to encourage innovation has overachieved its goals. The architectural design of IDC NCR is inspired by the Taj Mahal, a white marble mausoleum that Akbar dedicated to his wife Mumtaz.

The team has outdone itself as this office might just be the eighth wonder of the world.

The structure of this workspace itself is made by applying the latest Microsoft technologies and using locally sourced materials.

All the graphics in this development center is borrowed from our country’s rich and unique culture. The beautiful artwork in this breathtaking workspace is courtesy to our local artisans.

As you can see, the marble furnishings, the domed ceilings, minor details like the jali work, arches, and vaulted doors are all features mimicked from the Taj Mahal, a Mughal architectural work of art.

Indian architecture is broad and has multiple variants. Mughal architecture is one such variant. The Indo-Islamic Mughal architectural style developed in India under the patronage of the Mughal Empire.

Not just the architecture but the crafting and creating are also done by stonemasons and carpenters of India who have been practicing traditional arts for ages.

“Recognizing the strategic importance of establishing Microsoft engineering presence in Noida, my team went over and beyond in ensuring that our first engineering hub in Noida truly represents Microsoft Design Language infused with local culture and inheritance. In this respect, I feel the team overdid themselves, and the newly opened Noida office is one of the most beautiful Microsoft workspaces, we have designed, to date.” said Riku Pentikäinen, Regional Director, Asia Real Estates Operations

The Managing Director of Microsoft India Research & Development Pvt. Ltd., Rajiv Kumar, said: “The Microsoft NCR workplace represents a critical expansion of our world-class technology talent and exceptional engineering presence in India. Digital Transformation is set to trigger the new frontier of innovation, and the excellent facilities at the Microsoft Noida workplace provide the right environment for shaping the future of the IT industry in this part of the world. Our architectural tribute to the iconic Taj Mahal was made with constant considerations to meet our deep commitment to sustainability and support for local artisans and materials.”

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IDC NCR’S Conscious Technology

According to Microsoft, this project is aligned with their commitment to sustainability.

In order to reduce their carbon footprint, the center is equipped with energy and water conservation practices.

The office is LEED platinum rated, which means that Microsoft successfully constructed an office with the highest sustainability standards.

The center aims to “provide opportunities for engineering talent in the areas of Business & Productivity tools, AI, Cloud & Enterprise, Core Services, and the new Gaming division.”

Microsoft is well on its way to create digital innovation.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Microsoft, India Today, News18

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