In Pics: New Kerala Park Goes Viral After People Started Comparing It With A European City

Darshana Choudhary
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Kerala, God’s own country never fails to amaze.

Recently, netizens were yet again amazed by Kerala after the inauguration of the newly-built ‘Vagbhatananda Park’ in the Karakkad village in the Kozhikode district.

Inaugurated by Kerala’s tourism minister, Kadakampalli Surendran, the netizens are going gaga after the pictures were posted by the minister on his social media accounts.

Named in honour of Sri Vagbhatananda Guru, a social reformer who fought against caste discrimination, the park is for all-public consumption.

It was constructed at a cost of ₹2.80 crores by Uralungal Labour Contractors Cooperative Society (ULCCS), which was founded by Sri Vagbhatananda Guru himself.

The park has statues, an open stage, a badminton court, an open gymnasium, and a children’s park. The side paths and public toilets have been designed in an inclusive manner that will accommodate the specially-abled individuals as well.

The side pathways have been designed in a wheelchair friendly manner. The paths also have tactile tiles which will help people with visual impairment to walk comfortably too.

The park extends along the renovated Onchiyam-Nadapuram Road from the railway station to the national highway.

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The Transformation

Kadakampalli Surendran, the tourism minister also shared a Facebook post showcasing the transformation of the park along with other pictures of the same. In the post, he acknowledged the contribution of the locals in renovating the park.

Originally written in Malayalam, the post stated,

I realize that the renovation of the park had the active participation of the locals. From the beginning of designing, the renovation activities have been conducted by considering the opinions of the locals of the regions.”

He also added that the park is a “happy place” which can be used by everyone in the village.

Netizens Going Gaga

The transformation photographs were shared extensively. The netizens also praised the thought and effort put into the renovation of the park.

People throughout the country are amazed by the beauty of the park and cannot contain their excitement.

Here are some of the reactions of people on Twitter.

The Comparison With Europe

Evidently enough even after 74 years of independence, we as a country have still not gotten over our colonial syndrome.

Maybe this is our standard response to anything beautiful or scenic in our country is ‘it looks like a foreign country” or “it does not look like India”.

We still hear terms like “Scotland of the East” about the Indian places that “do not look like India”.

Similarly, after looking at the brilliant architecture of this newly built park, it was obvious that people compared it to a European location.

It might be high time that we overcome this colonial mentality and start giving the recognition that is due to indigenous places and efforts.

How do you like this park? Let us know in the comments.

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