In Pics: Adorable Baby Deer Finds A Brand New Home

When Sulochana, a resident of Naddi village in Dharamsala, stumbled upon an adorable baby deer in a field in February this year, she decided to take it home.

The barking deer, or Indian Muntjac. (Photo: AP)
Sulochana with the baby Muntjac. (Photo: AP)

Two months on, the baby Muntjac now appears to have made itself at home with Sulochana’s family.

The baby deer in Sulochana’s kitchen. (Photo: AP)

Occasionally Sulochana’s husband, Ajay finds himself spoiling the baby deer by feeding it himself. Look at how she laps it up!

(Photo: AP)

While these photos leave us feeling warm and fuzzy, the reality is that the tourism industry and an increase in the local population has claimed more forest land for human use. This trend is forcing wild animals, like the barking deer, to occasionally stray into human habitats. And not everyone is kind like Sulochana and Ajay.

(With inputs from Associated Press)