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The brief for a simple and light home was executed via a neutral palette with plenty of natural textures. The living room features wicker and live-edge wood furniture, a cork-finished wallpaper along the media wall with chunky-weaves and plush soft furnishings. Plants add a layer of freshness to the composition.

PICS: A Mumbai Apartment Inspired by Light and Nature

Interior designer and blogger Rittika Chokhany is a firm believer of the ‘more is more’ philosophy. So how did she handle a brief for a simple and light home in the western suburb of Goregaon, Mumbai? By marrying a minimalist floor plan with maximalist detailing. For starters, Chokhany capitalised on the 1,300-square-foot area via space-smart design features. In the daughter’s room, for instance, a bed is built into the window niche to create ample space for play. Then there’s the bulky wine cooler in the dining area that’s partially concealed within the wardrobe of the adjoining bedroom.

Chokhany, who founded Ariyona Interiors, says the idea for this apartment was to recreate a tropical paradise that the residents could escape to after a long day in the city. A natural material palette of wicker and wooden furniture helps effect a laid-back, cozy feel. Soft furnishings mainly echo the muted colour scheme of the home’s shell, adding a tactile dimension via textures, prints and patterns. Every now and then, black and white elements bring dramatic visual relief. Also, of note are signature wall coverings that vary from natural finishes to botanical themes. Finally, well-placed plants in every room tie in the relaxed, tropical theme of the home.

Images: Biju Gopal for Ariyona Interiors