In Pics: 5 Of The Most Complicated And Coolest Lego Structures Ever Built

Rohan Bachhav
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Coolest Lego Structures
Coolest Lego Structures

Since the creation of the first Lego blocks in 1949, Lego opened a door to a world of infinite possibilities.

What was first sold as premeditated parts for a defined set for structures or vehicles was explored further by the irrepressible imagination of kids and adults alike.

People started creating new and unique structures, imitating real-life things as well as creating new things out of imagination.

Lego has moved on from being just a mere toy and has definitely become an accessory to a whole new art form.

The Lego structures which are being built for the exhibition are just taking this art form to a whole new level. The most recent being a working life-sized Bugatti Chiron. Yes! A working Lego car with an engine made out of Lego too.

Here are five of the most complex, breath-taking and the coolest Lego structures and models built yet.

1. The 42038 Lego Bugatti Chiron

2. The Lego Batmobile

3. Lego Lochness Monster

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4. Lego Pharoah

5. The Lego Batarang

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Speckyboy, Creativebloq, Hongkiat + more

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