How to Pick a Ripe Watermelon Every Single Time (PureWow)

Nothing tastes like summer quite as much as a fresh slice of juicy, sweet watermelon. But when you try to pick out a ripe one from the pile, it’s basically a guessing game, right? Not so, friend. Here’s how to pick a good watermelon, with one super-easy trick.

How to pick a ripe watermelon:

Once a watermelon is harvested, it won’t ripen any further, so it’s important to choose one that’s ready when you buy it. The next time you go to grab a watermelon at the farmers' market or grocery store, look for one that’s deep green instead of light or yellowish (which means it probably didn’t spend enough time on the vine). Resist the urge to lift it up and shake it, and instead, search the rind for the ground spot (aka the area where the melon touched the ground as it grew). If the patch is a cream or yellow tone, the watermelon is ripe. If it’s light green or white, it’s not ready.

Video: The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon No Matter How You Eat It

To be absolutely sure you’ve picked a good watermelon, you can give it a hard tap right on the ground spot. It should sound deep and hollow; if it’s under- or over-ripe, it will sound dull.

You found the one? Great. Here’s how to cut it (and not your fingers). You should be greeted with sweet, juicy flesh that’s soft but not mushy or grainy.

5 Recipes to Make with a Ripe Watermelon:

Now that you’re the owner of a deliciously ripe watermelon, it’s time to put it to good use. You could eat it straight from the cutting board, but why not try one of these summery dishes?

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