This Pic of a Doctor Couple Fighting COVID-19 Is Heart-Wrenching

With so many of us cooped up in our houses, grappling with lifestyle changes, not being able to make sense of what’s to come next, it’s safe to say that post the pandemic, whenever that may be, our lives will change immensely. The way we live, the way we think will alter tremendously. However there is a group of people out there who are experiencing these shifts in real-time, they’re the first of the lot to feel what most of us can only anticipate- those people are health care professional across the world.

For medical personnel, the pandemic has been a challenge they had no choice but to find a way around. And despite the bleak state of things right now, they continue to do solid work in by protecting and tending to those affected by COVID-19.

Pictures of doctors and nurses working day and night to fight the novel virus have been floating on the internet, making everyone realise just how tough a spot the medical fraternity finds themselves in but one picture on Twitter is making everyone’s hearts melt.

The tweet read - “This picture of a couple who work day & night to fight COVID speaks volumes. They can touch each other only when they are in the protective gears. #COVIDWarriors #Inspiration”

This couple, who works as doctors, can only touch each other when they’re wearing protective suits. Twitter lauded their efforts and empathised with their agony.

Here’s to more such doctors who risk their safety every day by helping those who need it the most.

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