This Piano Cover of the Ghanaian Funeral Dancers is Winning the Internet

A piano cover of the popular 'Dead Coffin' track has created a buzz on social media. The track grabbed eyeballs after the coffin dance meme became viral especially on the video-sharing portal TikTok. The meme which features a bunch of dancing pallbearers from Ghana is also being used as a symbol to raise awareness about physical distancing.

The piano cover has been done by a person namely Peter Buka. The video features Peter playing an illuminated piano.

Since being posted, the clip has garnered lots of love and attention on the social media platform.

A Facebook user commented on the video saying, "Super! Keep on with your special performances for us shut ins. I love you," another person wrote, "Bravo!!!!!!Do you play classical music as well? Have you performed with orchestra ? You are such a talent and developed your own style.But I would love to see you on stage as well!"

Another expressed his wish to see Peter play a classical piece. He said, " Am I the only one who now wants to see him play some classical masterpiece in a dark room with that piano.. lights flashing in the background..???"

The track that is going viral by the name of 'Dead Coffin' is originally a part of 2010 EDM hit number Astronomia which has been produced by Tony Igy.