Physics retest rumour: Students flood helpline

HT Correspondent

Mumbai, March 3 -- Anil Gadhe, a counsellor with the education board helpline is nursing a sprained neck and sore shoulders - the result of answering nearly 250 calls since 8am on Saturday from panicky students wanting to know whether there will be a retest for Physics.

Ever since some SMSes spread rumours about a physics retest and rescheduling of the economics paper, the helplines have been inundated with calls from students.

Despite the state board's clarification (HT reported it on February 26) that there will be no physics retest, the board helpline has received over 1,000 calls in the last four days.

The rumours have spread to other parts of the state: the helpline in Navi Mumbai has received calls from students in Nagpur, Ratnagiri, Aurangabad, Alibaug, Kolhapur and other places.

"The students were misled by text messages that said that the education board was taking a voting from students on whether to hold a retest. We request students not to believe in these SMSes. They are all hoax,'' said Wadke.

Sarjerao Jadhav, chairperson of the state board, said that students should stop worrying that they will fail in the Physics test.

"Even if a student scores 10 marks in the written paper, the paper can be cleared if the score in the practical exams is at least 25 marks. This year, the practicals were examined by the college's own teachers (internal examiners) so students will score more in them. Students should stop worrying about Physics and move on,'' said Jadhav.

Economics students have been calling the helplines after rumours that the paper has been rescheduled. Wadke said the paper will be conducted on March 17 as scheduled.

Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.