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Bradley Wiggins, Great Britain cycling

What he did in London: Validated his Tour de France title with victory in the Olympic time trial What's next: The biggest challenge for Great Britain's most decorated Olympian may be coping with the media and public appearance demands that will eat into his training time after his incredible summer. "The challenge with a lot of guys who hit a peak, they go through all of that and while everyone else is training really, really hard, they're not," British cycling director Dave Brailsford told road.cc. "Not because they don't want to, it's just difficult to fit it all in." In the longterm future, Wiggins must decide if he's serious about returning to track cycling for the 2016 Rio Games. If so, he'll likely have to leave road cycling for at least a year to focus on the track and prove he's worthy of a spot on a British team that dominated the London Games.

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Here's a look at which of the breakout stars of the London Games we can expect back in Rio in 2016 and what they'll be doing during the four years in between. - By  Jeff Eisenberg, Yahoo! Sports