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G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit Continues

RUSUTSU, JAPAN - JULY 08: Margarida Sousa Uva (L), wife of European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Laureen Harper (2L), wife of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper watch the demonstration of Toyota Motor Corporation's Personal Mobility i-REAL during a concept car trial ride event upon their visit to the International Media Center at Rusutsu Resort on July 8, 2008 in Rusutsu, Hokkaido, Japan. During this 3-day Summit meeting, leaders from the eight strong industrial countries discuss on issues such as world economy, environment and climate changes and development in Africa. (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

Toyota i-ROAD concept vehicle

In the realm between cars and motorcycles, many automakers see a

potential market for city-only personal vehicles that combine aspects of

both modes. Here's Toyota's latest idea for such a vehicle, the i-Road,

an all-electric three-wheeler that can travel 30 miles on a charge and

leans into corners.