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Worst male health habits

Hand in the nose/mouth

How gross is that! Not only is it unhygienic, but etiquette demands that you don’t pick your nose in public. In addition, nose picking can lead to various infections. We all know that cold virus is passed into the body through the mucus membranes. Sticking your finger into the nose after coming in contact with contaminated surfaces is a sure way to give yourself a bout of bad cold. Also, since the nose is situated so close to the brain, they share the same blood supply. And an infection in the nose could be dangerous. So, refrain yourself from ‘digging gold’. In addition, trying to pull out remains of lunch from your mouth is yet another sore sight!

Top 10 worst male health habits

World over, men have almost always been on the scale of cleanliness. While some are total freaks when it comes to hygiene, there are some who are complete slovens. The perfectly coiffed cut, spice and leather fragrances might be a front behind which lurks an unhygienic nose picker!

Here is a list of top 10 unhealthy habits of men that women find truly annoying and drives them nuts!