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Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung Galaxy Beam Approx. Price 28500 SIM Single mini SIM Weight 147 gm Screen size 4 inch TFT Capacitive Touch Screen, 480 x 800 pixels resolution Storage 8 GB storage Processor 1 GHz Dual core processor RAM 768 MB OS Android 2.3 Keyboard Touch Camera (shooting) 5 MP with Face Detection, HD video recording 1.3 MP front facing camera Battery Average Talktime Standby Life 2000 mAh 20 hours 760 hours Connectivity Projector Built-in nHD projector 15 lumens Good display up to 50 inch wide screen Other Image Editor, Document Editor, Android market of web apps

Projector Phones

Ever wished if you can host a seminar with a presentation straight from your mobile phone?

Felt it wonderful if you could view some comic skit or little video or a full-length film on your mobile phone, projected on to a bigger screen at home?

Yes, here are a set of gadgets capable of that.