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Private jets: Inside the planes of the rich and famous - Sultan of Brunei

Gold, gold and more gold

When you're someone like the Sultan of Brunei, people expect your lifestyle to match your considerable wealth. Well, when it comes to private jets he certainly delivers. The Sultan has a fleet of aircraft, but his A340 is the most extravagant. It features solid gold washbasins, mirrored ceilings and rich wood grain fittings. He reportedly spent $100 million purchasing the plane, and $120 million refurbishing it. Quite an investment!

Truly flying beyond: Inside the private jets of the rich and the famous

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Nothing screams wealth, power and status like owning a private jet. We take you inside the uber-luxurious flying machines of the world's most rich and famous icons and show you what it's truly like to fly beyond.

From Beyonce to mogul Richard Branson to TV's favourite bad boy Simon Cowelll, here's what travel looks like when you've made it beyond your wildest dreams. Time to let those dreams soar.