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Tiger skin worth Rs. 2 crore recovered from smugglers

A tiger skin worth Rs. 2 crores was recovered by the police after they arrested two smugglers from Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. The accused said they had hunted tigers in the United Kingdom and then sold its skin in Delhi and other states at a higher price. A forest team and a veterinary team are investigating the incident. The accused are being questioned for further information.

Photos: Cyclone Nilam hits Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh

Devastating cyclone Nilam crossed the Tamil Nadu coast north of Chennai between Mamallapuram and Kalpakkam and later slammed into the Andhra Pradesh cost, leaving 11 people dead and causing some serious damage to property. The cyclone so far has claimed eight lives in Tamil Nadu and three in Andhra Pradesh. Incessant rains throughout the night have thrown normal life into a state of disarray in the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, caused flooding in several parts. The cyclone also pushed the Prathiba Kavery ship from Mumbai to the shore near Elliots Beach. Seventeen people, stranded on the ship, were however later rescued. You can share your pictures of cyclone Nilam on Flickr and we will publish them on Yahoo!.