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Nature’s brilliant mimic: Hemlata Pradhan

Nature’s brilliant mimic: Hemlata Pradhan

1 June 2012

Editor’s note: My art & I & the environment, Yahoo’s original look at masterly creations, where beauty, nature, power and one individual are all deeply connected. This weekend series tracks what loving the environment means for an ordinary person with extraordinary

commitment. These are people who love an art form and from that vantage have explored how to learn from nature and contribute to our collective understanding of it. In mainstream media, we hear too many ideological voices of activists, partisan NGOs and biased industry players, but sometimes we forget to listen to those who hear clearly.

Today meet the brilliant whooshes of Hemlata Pradhan. A natural illustrator, who come landslide or leech has loved and nourished plant life in the North Eastern Himalaya in her own unique way. Hear her story in her own words, about what starts when one person does.