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Major Solar flare

Huge solar storm may hit earth today, Friday the 13th

If your mobile networks are affected today, Friday the 13th, blame it on solar flares. Three extremely powerful solar flares that the sun has emitted could send shockwaves through earth on Friday, scientists fear, news.com.au reports. The solar flares may disrupt the communication lines, causing blackouts. The three solar flares were all 'X-class' flares, which are almost 10,000 times as powerful as normal background flares from the sun.

Solar flares, according to Live Science, are 'powerful bursts of radiation that are unleashed from the sun and speed out into space. They can sometimes produce waves of plasma and charged particles, called coronal mass ejections (CMEs). When aimed directly at Earth, CMEs can trigger geomagnetic storms and knock out communications and power grids on Earth.'