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Indian Olympic medalists

The elite list of Indian Olympic medalists

Since it first participated in Olympic Games in 1900 at Paris, India has won 26 medals. Of these, 9 are gold (8 in field hockey, 1 in shooting); 6 silver (2 in athletics, 1 in field hockey, 2 in shooting and 1 in wrestling); and 11 bronze. Not much to boast about, really, but in a country that has no real, systematic sporting culture it is stirring to see some of its sons and daughters overcome great odds and succeed against the best in the world. What motivates these champions is awesome passion, immense talent, great mental strength and the burning desire to be the best that you can be. So here are India’s Olympic medal winners, who did the country proud and imparted further credibility to an Olympic motto: ‘The essence lies not in the victory, but also in the struggle’.