• Celebrities with their waxworks

    Kareena Kapoor came face to face with her wax statue at London's Madame Tussauds during her vacation. We have some pictures of it and then some more celelbrities with their waxworks. Take a look

  • The pictures your favourite celebrities put up on social networking websites

    Some funny, some cute, some hillarous - take a look at the pictures your favourite stars have been uploading on social networking websites.

  • Less famous star kids

    Celebrities' children are as much in the limelight as they are, but there are some famous faces who manage to shield their little ones as best they can. Here's a look at some lesser known and seen celebrity children...

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  • What were they thinking?

    We have no clue why these beautiful ladies would slip into these dresses - and accessories!

  • Extreme Aquariums

    Japan’s Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium breeds manta rays and keeps whale sharks — the world's largest fish — in a gigantic tank. Inside the Dubai Aquarium, which occupies several floors of the Dubai Mall, you can see sharks and rays, penguins and turtles. In California, you can get up close with magnificent sea otters. And in Sydney, you can press your nose against the glass and stare into the placid eyes of a dugong. And it's not just fish - aquariums house alligators, sealions, even hippos!

    As if this isn’t quite enough, mermaids tease you through the glass walls at aquaria in Brazil and London, and in South Africa pole dancers perform before sharks and rays. And, yes, people do get married inside an aquarium - where else but in Las Vegas.

    Take a look around these fabulous aquaria from around the world. And if you have a photo-set to share with us, bung it in. Remember to read our submission guidelines first.

  • And the world’s best airline is…

    Find out which airways won the world’s best airline award at the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards.