Photos of wedding go viral after bride asks women guests to come in their bridal gowns

The bride in her non-traditional Disney-inspired icy blue gown and her bridesmaids with their wedding dress. (Source: Jesse Lumen/ Imgur)

A bridal gown usually costs a lot, has a lot of emotions attached to it and is rarely worn again by a bride. So a bride in the US told all her women guests to come in their wedding attire and a photo of them is going viral on Reddit.

While bride Audrey Moore went non-traditional on her big day, swapping the traditional white gown for an icy blue one, her friends were all seen in ivory gowns. The beautiful lace gown, with beaded embellishments, was designed by the bride herself and a matching tulle cape that was inspired by the dress worn by Cinderella and Elsa in Frozen.

"We thought it was sad that most women only get to wear their wedding dress once, so we invited all the women coming to our non-traditional wedding to wear their old wedding dresses again!" Moore's husband, author Jesse Lumen, wrote on the online platform.

"Some women borrowed wedding dresses from their mothers or other family members. If they didn't have a wedding dress or didn't want to wear one, we asked people to wear black and white or a costume!" Moore said on Reddit after many asked what unmarried friends wore to the wedding.

The mother of both the bride and groom were flower girls at the wedding. (Source: Jesse Lumen/ Imgur)

Many women who liked the idea, but were scared would never fit in their gowns. For them the bride clarified, "Some women had their dresses re-fitted, but it certainly wasn't mandatory to wear their wedding dresses if they didn't want to/couldn't."

"They were all VERY concerned about upstaging me," she wrote in the comments. "I knew I was wearing blue but kept it a secret from everyone except my dressmaker, and my hair and makeup artist. I'd been to almost all their weddings and knew they'd be in white."

On Imgur, the bridegroom shared photos from their wedding day titled "Jesse and Audrey's unusual wedding!" and shared other unusual aspects of the event. "In contrast, my groomsmen and I wore Tuxedo print hoodies, because honestly who wants to wear a tux?" Lumen added.

(Source: Jesse Lumen/ Imgur)

And as no wedding ceremony is complete without a crazy party.

"Once the ceremony was done, the whole wedding party put on costumes to join many of our guests who were already in costume! Some choice costumes included Duff Man, Spider-Pig, a mermaid, Spock, a burrito, and Max from Where the Wild Things Are just to name a few," he wrote .

"I’m the last of my friends to be married and I went to most of their weddings. They’re all such beautiful women inside and out and I had heard so often that they were really sad they couldn't wear their wedding dress again," Moore told TODAY. "So then I decided I really wanted to be surrounded by a bunch of my beautiful princess brides and have a magical, fun day together."