PHOTOS: How some farmers shamed India on Republic Day

Rahul M

Even as India celebrated its 72nd Republic Day, hordes of hooligans and hoodlums claiming to be peacefully protesting farmers wreaked havoc on the national capital, attacking policemen, damaging public property, unleashing unprecedented violence and turning an occasion of pride into one of shame. 

Thousands of goons, armed with swords, iron rods, lathis and stones took over Delhi in what now appears to be a pre-planned strategy.

Farmer leaders, who had said that the farmers’ tractor rally would be peaceful, were nowhere to be found when the violence erupted, and only emerged hours later to ‘condemn’ the vandalism. 

It was a betrayal of the nation, the desecration of the hallowed grounds of the Red Fort, and only helped weaken the farmers’ protests.

This is how some criminals, disguised as farmers, shamed India on its Republic Day.