Photographer's Viral Picture of a Mystery Couple Has Led Thousands On a Search To Trace Them

Ever seen a photo of a couple taken at a serene location and thought, 'I wonder who they are?'

So did this photographer and thousands of others.

The photograph in question here is  of an anonymous couple, mid-proposal in US's Yosemite park. And the photographer who captured the moment has since lead a search on the Internet to find the mystery couple.

Matthew Dippel, the photographer from Michigan, was visiting Yosemite National park, known for its dramatic cliff faces and waterfalls, with the intent of capturing some photos from the famous Taft Point at sunset.

While he had his camera ready, he happened to snap a photograph of a couple who were making their way to the edge, dressed in an immaculate suit and floor-length dress. After clicking the picture, Dippel raced around to Taft Point to try and find the couple he had photographed but, with a lot of people queued up before him to get to the viewpoint, he was unable to locate them.

Not ready to give up, Dippel decided to share the photograph on Twitter alongside the caption: “Twitter help, idk (I don't know) who these two are but I hope this finds them."

Twitter help, idk who these two are but I hope this finds them. I took this at Taft Point at Yosemite National Park, on October 6th, 2018.

— Matthew Dippel (@DippelMatt) October 17, 2018

The tweet not only went viral, but Internet sleuths even tried to help Dippel hunt down the couple.

Update: Still have not found them.

— Matthew Dippel (@DippelMatt) October 19, 2018

me looking through all the replies to see if anyone found them yet

— j (@emmachambiex) October 18, 2018

The comments section of his photograph has been filled with a ton of possible candidates unearthed by Internet sleuths, but none so far have been a match.

The Facebook post has over 15 thousand shares.