Photo of Seagull Carrying Face Mask is a Grim Reminder of How We 'Deal' With Our Waste

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At the time when COVID-19 is refusing to die down, face masks hold great importance in the fight against the deadly virus.

In many countries across the world, it is mandatory to wear face masks while venturing out. Being responsible citizens, people should cover their face with masks to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. Apart from this, they must dispose of the masks carefully after use.

A rather disturbing photo of a seagull carrying a disposable face mask in its beak is doing rounds on the internet. The picture, which was clicked in the United Kingdom, has sparked concerns about responsible waste management.

According to Burnham & Highbridge Weekly News, Nick, a 52-year-old resident of Weston-super-Mare, noticed the bird with a face mask on a beach while cycling.

"I'd been out and about on my bicycle down the seafront and through town and I just started to notice all these face masks discarded everywhere,” Nick said.

He added that he clicked some pictures of the discarded face masks and suddenly, he observed the seagull with the one in its beak. He said that the sight made him upset.

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The news website reported that the town is a popular holiday destination and discarded masks and PPE could be seen littered here and there in it.

The image of the seagull was put out on Twitter by businessman Dhanraj Nathwani and Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda.

Through the photo, Nathwani tried to highlight the issue of irresponsible handling biowaste. He said that people need to be careful while discarding the waste so that that COVID-19 does not spread through the waste to other humans or wildlife or contaminate the soil or water.

"The mask that masks the human face, Also shows our character as a species when it comes off," said Nanda.

The world is still grappling with the menace of the novel coronavirus. It is not sure when the vaccine for the disease will come. Till the time, people need to behave responsibly.