A photo from Kerala that shows friendships can exist across party lines is going viral

This photo of a group of friends supporting different political parties but travelling together is winning hearts online.

Even as politicians continue to launch scathing attacks at each other, a heartwarming photo of a car in Kerala is winning hearts. Bearing party flags of the Congress, CPIM and the BJP, a group of smiling men is seen travelling in a car. The photo is now going viral across social media sites including WhatsApp and is said to be from Kerala.

The photo comes with a message saying: "Don’t lose your friends over different political ideologies." The viral picture shows two men sitting in the open trunk of a car — one wearing a sash of the Congress party, while the other holds a CPM flag. A CPM flag is being waved from one window while another has the BJP flag sticking out of it.

It’s not clear who clicked the photo or where it was taken but by the KL visible on the number plate, indicates it was clicked in Kerala. People have shared the photo online saying that it defines the ethos of the state.

Many on Facebook and Twitter agreed that a difference in political opinion should not come between friendships.

Kerala went to polls in the third phase of 17th Lok Sabha elections on Tuesday, and polling was peaceful in all 20 seats across the state. No violence was reported from the state, but eight voters died either on their way to the polling station, at the booth or while returning home after voting.

The initial voter turnout in the state stood at 71.4 per cent as against the turnout of 74.02 per cent in 2014. This time, turnout in all constituencies crossed 70 per cent.