‘Phillauri’ Critics’ Verdict: Inconsistent But Entertaining

Check out what critics are saying about Anushka Sharma’s second home production.

Film: Phillauri
Director: Anshai Lal
Cast: Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma, Mehreen Pirzada

Raja Sen (movies.ndtv.com)Anushka Sharma, who has also produced this film, is one of our most intriguing actresses. She’s fine in her part, and often beguilingly pretty, yet the film wastes her. The fundamental problem with Phillauri, I believe, may be one of miscasting. Raza Murad, the man with the greatest voice of all, is around but doesn’t get to speak much. Sharma, similarly, is perfectly suitable as a ghost when gliding around or trying to blow out a chandelier bulb, but, despite sparkly translucence, she has no aura. It is in flashback that she sparks brightest, when she listens to a record for the first time, or when she allows herself to grin at the idea of shamelessness. Life becomes her.Anna Vetticad (firstpost.com)Too many Hindi films are lost to the curse of the second half. Fortunately for Phillauri, its affliction is the exact opposite. The pre-interval portion is too stretched out and, after the initial engaging, humorous few minutes, becomes as pale as Shashi’s ghostly presence. In terms of writing, directorial execution and acting, yesterday has zest and today does not in this inconsistent albeit sweet spook story.Saibal Chatterjee (movies.ndtv.com)Phillauri, amid the tragic turns and comic moments, not only takes playful potshots at the superficiality of modern relationships, the pomp and show of big fat weddings and the absurdity of superstitions, it also showcases two interesting fictional women. Phillauri is an unconventional Bollywood entertainer that is watchable all the way. It does not rely on star power. It draws its strength instead from an off-kilter screenplay that for once might make you want to believe in the existence of ghosts, especially if they happen to be like the one that Anushka Sharma gets into the spirit of.