Phil Simmons in a Soup After Attending Funeral in England, Faces Calls for Removal

The president of the Barbados Cricket Association, Conde' Riley has called for the "immediate removal" of Phil Simmons from his current position of West Indies head coach, according to ESPNCricinfo.

Conde', who is also among the board of directors in CWI, has called Simmons' decision to attend a funeral in the times of coronavirus, "inconsiderate and reckless".

The whole incident happened when Simmons, who is based in the UK, attended the funeral of his father-in-law, leaving the West Indies training base. After that, he had to be in self-quarantine in his hotel.

In an email to board members Riley wrote: "I just heard on the radio that our head coach Mr Phil Simmons attended a funeral recently and is now being quarantined as a result. If this is true I am calling for his immediate removal as head coach.

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"I am being bombarded by concerned parents and members of the BCA. This behaviour is inconsiderate and reckless. It endangers the lives of those 25 young men in the UK and in fact the entire management team and cannot be tolerated.

"The English press will have a feast on his judgement and I suggest we act swiftly."

CWI had earlier issued a statement saying that Simmons had asked for permission before doing so.

"The entire process of his exit and re-entry to the bio-secure location was approved and managed by the medical teams of the CWI and the ECB and strictly followed protocols set up prior to the tour which addressed such scenarios," the statement said.

"Following his return, Simmons has been in self-isolation away from other members of the squad, exactly as had always been planned. He has so far undergone two Covid-19 tests since Friday - both of which came back negative. He will have another test on Wednesday before he will re-join the squad as they prepare for the three-match #RaiseTheBat Series against England."