Phase 3 of Bihar elections today; Biden near the finish line; Left opposes Khalid’s trial | Top News

Top stories today are:

1. The big focus that we have for you this morning is the final phase of the Bihar elections. Voting is currently underway for 78 seats in 19 districts and this is the third and final phase of polling. Times Now has been keeping you ahead on every aspect of Bihar elections.

2. As voting for Phase 3 gets underway, Stay tuned with Times Now for election news with accurate and comprehensive exit polls. Watch the results before the verdict on Times Now!

3. The Kejriwal led Government is given prosecution charges for trying Umar Khalid for his alleged role in the Delhi Riots Conspiracy Case. In the 2016 "tukde tukde" case in which Umar Khalid is also an accused. BJP questioned the left lobby whether they would still continue to doubt the case against Khalid.

4. The gas chamber and the Corona capital is making it difficult for people to breathe. Pollution in India is causing a loss of life expectancy by 1.7 years. COVID cases are expected to increase in the pollution period as the virus can spread faster and stay longer.

5. By the end of tomorrow, the United States of America could have a new President. It seems that current President Donald Trump will soon lose his thrown and Joe Biden will conquer it. While Donald Trump gets 49.4% of the votes, Joe Biden leads the rally by 49.5%. 99% of the total votes have been counted and Joe Biden needs only 6 votes more to win the rally.