Petrol pump owners in Lucknow call off strike after meeting Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

Petrol pump owners in Lucknow called off their strike on Tuesday soon after meeting CM Yogi Adityanath, who assured them that they would not be harassed. At the same time, Adityanath asked them to ensure that the quality of fuel given to customers was not compromised.

Members of the Lucknow district petrol pump association called off their strike on Tuesday and opened their stations soon after meeting Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Since the morning on Tuesday, 75 per cent of fuelling stations across Lucknow were shut allegedly as workers had gone on strike in protest against the undue harassment of the Special Task Force (STF) during raids to bust the massive chip racket.

In the meeting, it has been learnt that Adityanath assured the petrol pump association members that there would be no harassment of pump workers. The chief minister asked the petrol pump workers to ensure that the consumers faced no inconvenience and the quality of fuel they got was not compromised.

Members of the petrol pump association even promised to normalise the supply of fuel as soon as possible.


Last Friday, the elite task force of Uttar Pradesh police had carried out raids across Lucknow to crack down on the mechanical chips installed to tamper with fuel-dispensing machines at stations. The chip installed in the integrated system of the dispensing machine would cut down the quantity of fuel the customer got by about 10 per cent.

In less than a week, the STF has found that the petrol pump workers have removed such chips from fuel-dispensing machines at various stations so as to prevent similar raids from being carried out again.

Petrol pumps workers were on the one hand saving fuel, and on the other, fleecing customers at a staggering cost of Rs 14 lakh per day, hence making it racket dealing in several crores of rupees.

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