Petrol Prices At Their Lowest In 5 Months As Crude Oil Slumps

Roshni Agarwal

As the crude price have slumped to record levels, rates of auto fuel including petrol and diesel amid it have remained same for the second consecutive day. In New Delhi, price of petrol is 72.01 while diesel is available for Rs. 64.70 per litre. So, with it price of petrol has fallen to 5-month low while diesel has receded to 7-month low.

On Monday, international crude oil fell by a staggering 4% due to coronavirus spreading beyond China. In Italy there have been reported 7 deaths on account of the deadly virus.

As per estimates the dent in demand for the commodity amid coronavirus scare is expected to be short lived and the demand for the fuel shall see an uptick from the second half of the calendar year.

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