Petrol, diesel prices surged after a day’s pause

New Delhi, May 27 (ANI): Fuel prices were hiked again on May 27 touching fresh highs across the country. The price of petrol in Delhi currently stands at 93.68 per litre and diesel 84.61 respectively. The price of petrol in Mumbai is Rs 99.94 per litre and diesel is Rs 91.87 per litre. In Bhopal city petrol costs Rs 101.77 per litre for petrol and Rs 93.07 for diesel per litre. Petrol price in Chennai at Rs 95.28 per litre and diesel at Rs 89.39 per litre. The price of petrol in Kolkata stands at 93.72 per litre while diesel is now selling at 87.46 per litre.

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