Pet Parent Builds Tiny Bedroom for Her Cats and Twitter Can't Get Over the Miniature Beds

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When it comes to cats and dogs, it is known that the former are more poised and sometimes arrogant. Unlike Dogs, cats follow their own will. However, a recent tweet shows how cats can appreciate your efforts if you make them a special bed.

Entrepreneur Maud Feijt shared images of special bedrooms she made for her pet cats on Twitter on Sunday. The images showed her cats inspecting the new addition to the house. In another image, one of the cats can be seen curling up on its bed.

The tweet has received 449.9K likes as netizens admire the cute innovation. One user commented, “I wish I was your kitten hehe.”

Feijt updated her followers with the cats’ reaction to their personal beds as she tweeted, “So I just woke up and Prim was (still?) sleeping on the bed. Best decision ever.”

She further posted pictures of them when they were babies and said that she might frame these pictures and add them to their bedrooms to make it more conventional.

The images have definitely inspired some of the pet owners who are now considering adding such personalized cat rooms to their homes. “I just wanna own a house and have a nook exclusively dedicated to my cats in my big a** bedroom (so I can fit 10 more of them of course)”

Some users said how their cats would simply knock the beds over and move on in a typical cat fashion.

The tweet also made some people without beds jealous of the cats as one user commented, “I don’t even have my own bedroom and this cat got one.” While the tweet also served as a subtle promotion for IKEA beds that the cats were sleeping on.

It seems the picture also convinced some to get a cat. “If ever there was a tweet to convince me to get a cat asap", an impressed Twitter user tweeted.