Pet Dog Passes Away Just 15 Minutes After Its Owner Dies of Battling Cancer

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Dogs are known to be loyal to their owner. Rightfully called a man's best friend, a pet bulldog stayed true to his owner so much so that he almost died with his owner. 25-year-old Stuart Hutchison from Scotland passed away after battling brain cancer. And his pet, a French bulldog named Nero died just 15 minutes later. While the family had two more dogs, Stuart and Nero were always together. Nero never left his owner's side, not even after he passed away. Boo, World’s Cutest Dog Dies at 12 After Mourning the Death of His Canine Companion ‘Buddy’! Social Media Grieves.

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Stuart Hutchison was diagnosed with brain cancer in the year 2011. Although he had undergone chemotherapy, radiation treatment and surgery it did not work well on him. Cancer eventually spread to his limbs and bones too. During his last few days, he was with his family and on August 11 he passed away. While the family was mourning the loss of their beloved, they did not expect another death within minutes. Pet Dog Wakes Up Families in Time to Save Them From Devastating Fire, Dies in Cylinder Blast.

Stuart's wife Danielle had broken her glasses. In order to let her spend more time with her husband, her father went to their house to pick up another pair. But when he reached their home, he noticed Nero had fallen ill. He took him to the vet on an emergency but the vets discovered a rupture in Nero’s spine. Minutes after Hutchinson passed away, Nero too died in the animal hospital. "Nero was the dog which was always with him," his mother said of the bond her son and the pet dog.

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Check Stuart's Mother Post About Losing Her Son and The Pet Dog:

The dog and his owner were indeed together forever as the mother quotes. People on social media were also overwhelmed by the love between the man his dog. Stuart's wife Danielle has been deeply affected by the two big losses in her family but she is coping up.

In a reverse case, a man in Florida who could not bear with the loss of his pet committed suicide. The incident took place in May this year when a man's pet was horribly attacked by a crocodile. While the dog couldn't survive the attack, its owner could not bear the separation. He too committed suicide.