Perverted Old Couple Caught Having Oral Sex In a Packed London Train In Front of Children

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Although, performing sex acts in public is a punishable offence, recently many cases of public nudity and indecency have surfaced. Last May, an elderly couple were charged for having oral sex in a rush-hour train. They were on a c2c train from London to Basildon, Essex, and did not stop even after they were asked to by other commuters. A transport officer later stopped the accused-- 57-year-old woman Deborah Tobyn and 64-year-old Raymond Burr-- at Pitsea. While Burr co-operated with the police, Tobyn tried hiding her identity by using a fake name, Janet Green as per reports by the Metro. Burr fingered Tobyn and performed oral sex on her while on a packed train. The c2c also had kids, and one of the witnesses approached the police with her grandson.

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Claims had it that Tobyn was widowed recently before the incident and was initially pleaded not guilty during her first court appearance in June this year. However, on August 2 her plea was changed to guilty at Basildon crown court. Burr was told to carry out 100 hours of community service while Tobyn was told to do 150 hours.

Prosecutor Patrick Duffy said to the esteemed portal: "The first witness was with her grandson. There were children in the carriage, confirmed by the second witness who said there were children aged between one and six on the train. It was lewd behaviour."

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Even, Judge Samantha Leigh said: "It's deeply unpleasant, but I'm well aware of the age and the lack of previous convictions. They are both adults, and they are capable of making their own decisions. You were travelling back from London on a c2c train when you engaged in lewd behaviour."

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Recently, a homeless couple in Florida was caught having sex right outside a police station in Key West. The couple was arrested by the police and faced charges of lewd and lascivious/indecent exposure and having sex in public. The naked couple was spotted by a passerby and informed the police. On being caught by the police, they did not seem embarrassed at all. Another similar incident from Florida saw drunken man-woman duo end up having sex in a police patrol car after being arrested for riding bicycles in an intoxicated state. They were caught having sex in a deputy's patrol car before one of them fled naked.