People with vested interests propagating misinformation against Administrator: Lakshadweep Collector

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Lakshadweep Collector Asker Ali (UT Administration of Lakshadweep).
Lakshadweep Collector Asker Ali (UT Administration of Lakshadweep).

Kochi (Kerala) [India], May 28 (ANI): Lakshadweep Collector Asker Ali on Thursday defended the laws imposed by Administrator Praful Khoda Patel and said people with vested interests are propagating misinformation about him.

"The people whose vested interests are hit by the administration are propagating misinformation campaign against the administration," Ali said in a press note.

He further said: "A few days ago, 300 kg heroin with an international value of 3,000 crores and 5 AK-47 rifles and 1,000 live rounds were confiscated. Similarly, many cases of illegal smuggling of Marijuana and liquor and POCSO have also been reported here. In this small UT, the future of youth is expected to be clouded by such illegal business. Keeping this in mind, strict and stringent laws are needed so that the youth here are not misguided. People having personal interests in such illegal business are propagating against the imposition of strict laws."

He added that the administration is also taking action to remove illegal encroachments at various places over the years in Lakshadweep, in protest of which, a self motivated propaganda is being carried out by the people with vested interests.

Ali also said that the amendments have been made in the Panchayat law in the island on the lines of the provision of Panchayat law in other states of the country and there is a misleading propaganda that a person with more than two children cannot be a candidate in the election.

"It is clarified in this context that when this Panchayat Act is notified, its provisions will only apply to the parents of infants born after the due date of notification." he said.

"As many states of the country have enacted cow protection laws, a law has also been introduced in Lakshadweep on the same lines. Only those who are associated with its illegal business and those who have personal interests are speaking against this legislation," the Collector added. (ANI)