People from other states in Indore finding it difficult to go back home despite administration's claims to the contrary

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], May 6 (ANI): Despite the administration's claim that 1,300 people have been given permission to go to their homes, several persons from other states trapped in Indore during the coronavirus lockdown are not getting permission to go back.

Additional District Magistrate of Indore, BBS Tomar said: "Online passes are being issued to people. Those who are facing difficulty in filling the online applications are being assisted by an assistant deployed in the office. Since yesterday, about 1300 people have been given permission through online applications."

People are also following the offline method of availing permission by reaching the district administration office.

There was a couple in the queue who supported a disabled young man from Rajasthan and his mother by giving them shelter in their house as soon as the lockdown started. The couple is seeking a pass for the disabled young man and his mother for their return home.

A vegetable-seller Raghunath Sisodia said: "A person named Rahul Banjara of Rajasthan was being treated at a hospital in Indore. He was discharged from the hospital during lockdown but he could not go to his home. Seeing his situation, I brought him to my home. Rahul is also accompanied by his mother and grandmother. Despite repeated requests, Rahul is not getting permission to go back to Rajasthan." (ANI)