People of Nandigram are Waiting to Teach Mamata a Lesson, Says Kailash Vijayvargiya

Aman Sharma
·2-min read

The All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) is playing “dirty politics” by distributing money and liquor on the eve of the first phase of elections, BJP General Secretary and in-charge of West Bengal, Kailash Vijayvargiya said, claiming that four BJP workers had been killed in the last four days but “the public still won’t vote for AITC”.

In an exclusive interview with News18, Vijayvargiya said TMC turncoat Suvendhu Adhikari would defeat Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee from the Nandigram seat for which polls will be held on April 1.

“Mamata Banerjee has already lost confidence about the Nandigram seat. I firmly believe that Suvendhu Adhikari will win from there. Nandigram’s people were actually waiting for Mamata to come, and for them to teach her a lesson as she had assured that she would bring industry to Nandigram and also improve agriculture,” he said.

“For 10 years she remained the CM but she did not do any development of Nandigram. Whatever development happened, took place because of Suvendhu Adhikari (as MLA),” Vijayvargiya said.

The AITC complained to the Election Commission on Friday that Adhikari was allegedly harbouring criminals in five constituencies of East Medinipur. Responding, the BJP leader said, “Trinamool Congress has understood what is going to happen in West Bengal on May 2. This election has become Janta versus Mamata (Public vs the CM). In entire Bengal, Mamata Banerjee’s collectors and SPs have made all efforts, but still are unsuccessful at getting crowds for her rallies. AITC has understood that the ground beneath them has shifted and hence are putting baseless allegations daily.”

He claimed four BJP workers had been killed in the last four days. “This is being done only to spread terror and fear among people during elections so that people don’t vote. This is dirty politics and this is the real ‘Khela Hobe’ by the AITC in the last three days. But public will not be scared and our workers will also not be scared. People will not vote for them as everyone is worried about future of their children,” he said.

The BJP leader slammed comments made by AITC local leader Sheikh Alam who said if 30% Muslims in India came together, they could form four Pakistans.

“This mindset has developed due to the politics of appeasement under AITC. This is very dangerous and alarming for the entire country; the kind of politics happening in West Bengal,” he said.

He also dismissed criticism over PM Modi’s Bangladesh trip coinciding with the first phase of polling, saying it was a pre-scheduled trip. “Now if someone’s vision is wrong, they will see wrong in everything,” Vijayvargiya said.