People Are Mistaking Keanu Reeves' Girlfriend Alexandra Grant for Helen Mirren

Earlier this week, Keanu Reeves broke the internet (yes, again) when he stepped out with alleged girlfriend, Alexandra Grant on the red carpet for LACMA Art + Film Gala By Gucci. The duo can be seen hand in hand and beaming! It was so heartwarming to see Reeves finally in love and making his relationship with Grant public! For the unaware, this is Reeves' first official relationship in decades, after the death of his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Syrne.

However, one thing that instantly struck me when I saw Keanu's adorable photos with his rumoured girlfriend- how alarmingly similar she looked to Helen Mirren. In fact, that is the first thing that struck most of us - is Keanu Reeves dating Helen Mirren? It was only when we delved deep into the details that we got to the bottom of it.

But now that you think about it, doesn't Helen Mirren look exactly like Alexandra Grant? Twitter seems to think so. While some pointed out the obvious similarity - grey hair - other spoke about how their facial structures also looked similar.

Helen Mirren has hence responded to the reports of people mistaking her for Alexandra Grant and said that she was extremely flattered. She also told Entertainment Tonight that she felt both Alexandra and Keanu were extremely lucky to have found each other.