“People Love My Characters, Not Me” Says a Humble Varun Dhawan

Alia Bhatt talks about handling failure.

Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya has surpassed all box-office expectations. The Varun Dhawan-Alia Bhatt starrer is now on its way to joining the Rs 100 crore club.

Ask Varun how he intends to celebrate and the actor laughs,

Varun Dhawan, ActorI wish there was time to celebrate. But I am off to London for a 40-day shooting of Judwaa 2. So I guess the celebrations will have to wait. I just want all my colleagues and friends to feel happy for us.

Varun says the Badrinath team made the film that it wanted to.

Varun DhawanWe had no expectations as to how successful it would be. We just enjoyed doing the film. But the one person who really believed in this film was our producer Karan Johar. He kept saying it will be a roaring hit. We wondered why he was so sure. Now we know.

Speaking of roars, I heard the audience react to Varun’s entry in BKD with a roar. He modestly brushes aside the suggestions of his supestardom.

Varun DhawanThe audiences roar for the role. They like Badri, that’s why they like me. I’ve been lucky with my films and the characters that I’ve played have connected with the audience. I believe that people like the character, only then do they take to the actor.

Varun admits that he searches for relatable characters.

Varun DhawanWhether it is the guy grieving for his dead wife and child in Badlapur, or the small town guy in Badrinath who falls head-over-heels in love, these are people we all know. They connect with the audience.

Being the son of a filmmaker helps Varun understand what audiences like.

Varun DhawanI guess that’s where the advantage of being the son of David Dhawan comes in. I grew up in a home where we were constantly discussing trade figures and box-office collections. So somewhere in my subconscious maybe, I think of what the audiences would like to see, and choose my roles accordingly.

But the cent-percent success ratio in his career, with every film that he has starred in, right from Student Of The Year in 2012 being declared a hit, is no small achievement.

Does it make Varun proud to have raced ahead of his colleagues? He laughs in embarrassment.

Varun DhawanI don’t think like that at all. I look at myself as a part of the Hindi film industry. If my film works, everyone benefits. If films don’t do well, and I’m aware that a lot of big films are flopping, the entire industry suffers. So I’d rather focus on the larger picture and not look at the success of Badrinath, or any of my other films in isolation.

He credits the amazing chemistry with Alia Bhatt to director Shashank Khaitan.

Varun DhawanIt’s Shashank’s vision that makes the audience fall in love with our characters. Like I  said, audiences aren’t cheering me and Alia, they are cheering for our characters Badri and Vaidehi. If you feel Alia and my chemistry is special, then it’s because of the way Shashank projected our characters. All the actors have contributed so much to the film. If you’ve noticed, there were so many new faces in the cast, all so talented. They played a big part in the film’s success.

But Varun admits to sharing a special fondness for Alia too.

Varun DhawanPeople think we knew each other as kids, since we are our fathers are filmmakers. But I didn’t even know Alia before we did Student Of The Year together. I love how focused she is on her work and how much she brings to the table when we work together. That bonding shows.

So are we geared up for the third ‘Dulhaniya’ film?

Varun DhawanAt this point of time, I really can’t say. I’d love for Shashank, Alia and me to come together again. There is an unspoken bond between me and Shanshank. Both Alia and I know what Shashank wants us to do, even before he says it.